from Bertrand Delesalle (President) and Pascal Denizart (General Manager)

Textiles are grounds for “empathetic” innovations since they are spontaneously associated with strong, reassuring imagery. These materials, by their nature, facilitate the appropriation and integration of the best that technology has to offer for everyday living. From intimate contexts to public spaces, textiles are everywhere.

Today the textile intelligence promoted by the CETI accompanies a revolution backed up by the arrival of digital technology which the European Centre for Innovative Textile (CETI) uses to prototype materials and products, making textiles a vector for phygital (physical + digital) innovations.
The CETI is located in a region that has always innovated – from source to end-uses – in the textile and clothing industry. The retail concepts that originated in this region Nord-Pas de Calais-Picardie made fashion more democratic. 70% of the clothing sold in France today is piloted by key players in the region. The CETI’s expertise now encompasses this double culture of industrial processes and client experience. This is translated by its choice of partners, the skills it incorporates, the actions it undertakes and the ecosystem around it.

On a national scale, the CETI’s legitimacy attracts top-ranking international players who have been seduced by a “French Touch” that hybrids technology and creation. This is the CETI’s challenge in the upcoming years : to energize the local economy and develop close-proximity interactions with the network of small and mid-sized French companies while, at the same time, launching projects on an international scale by promoting “French Tex”.